If you clicked on the Framing tab, you know we've been custom framers for 35 years! We look forward to helping with your projects. Come in anytime!
We also carry gorgeous and unique jewelry by Maine artists Julie Howison and Nance Trueworthy. (I tried to keep up with it on the website, but I kept falling behind - the curse of one-of-a-kind items that move too quickly!)
We'd love to help you find just the right artwork for your home, office space or to give as a gift! Email us at with a few key details about what you're looking for and we'll send ideas. Feel free to include photos (for example, a picture of the wall you're looking to fill, or the piece you're trying to complement). Consultation is always free!
Kids art is really fun to frame! My parents still have my first grade self-portrait hanging in their kitchen - that was a long time ago, which I suppose proves the point that framing children's artwork also preserves it!
Spotlight on: Encaustic Painting. This fascinating technique has been around for almost 2000 years! The name comes from ancient Greek, meaning to burn in, and indeed, encaustic paintings combine wax, oil paint and heat, resulting in a unique medium. Our encaustic painter Leecia Price is a beekeeper here in Camden - the wax she uses is from her bees (extra cool!). She says she loves the way she is able to translate the Maine landscape into her paintings with this medium, and says she's "beguiled by the tactile properties of the beeswax, its translucency and shine." I would have to agree!